The Newest Radio-Controlled Planes

At the worldwide level, RC or radio-controlled industry is incredibly huge and widespread. It started from America, primarily for the US army. To earn extra money, they started to sell RC products among ordinary people. In the beginning, it was very expensive industry, unavailable publicly. However, during the 1990s, when China, Vietnam, Taiwan, and others started to participate in the production of RC models and equipment, the prices dropped drastically, and products became accessible to anyone who has enough affinity and money for this kind of fun. Here are some of the latest radio-controlled planes.

RTF SKY Runner

This is a model for beginners, and it is easy to manage and perform unusual acrobatics. It has a predictable behaviour and the take-off path required is very short. The aircraft is stable, easy to handle and resistant to damage. It has a motor on its back, which reduces damage in case of falling down. The Nine Eagles propeller system is designed to retain the propeller which immediately gets disconnected when the plane breaks down, and it is quick and easy to return it back with just a single click. The aircraft can fly for up to 15 minutes on charged batteries.


It is a plane model for beginners designed for flying outdoors. Under such conditions, it is easily run by beginners and experienced people. By replacing antennas, it is possible to switch from mode 1 to mode 2. The model comes with four alkaline batteries for the remote control. The body and the wings are made of high-quality EPO materials, and the surface is carefully painted in an original pattern with decals. During the construction, all the excesses of unnecessary weight are eliminated, so this light model has a phenomenal performance for flying. The patented Nine Eagles propellers are designed to separate themselves automatically at a collision without damaging the shaft and the engine. The model includes a light, receiver, ESC, two servos, and a Li-battery that allows a flight of up to eight minutes. The battery is easily removable, and it is charged with the remote control.


An excellent copy of the remote control, Cesena, can boast of superb craftsmanship and aerodynamics that let you enjoy the flight of this plane model. In addition to standard manipulative controls, this aircraft model also has acrobatics commands that are only visible on plane meetings. The remote control is made of metal rod for easy handling. It has four channels and two servo motors. Moreover, there is also has an indicator for the motion of the windscreen, as well as the LED which indicates the power supply. Customers receive two spare parts, a service screwdriver, and a spare wings stabiliser. For taking-off, you need to use a flat terrain, such as grass surface or asphalt. This RTF (ReadyToFly) model aircraft is ideal for training and learning essentials of RC flying. The package includes all the tools necessary for the flight including the servo motors, glow motor, and radio station.