The Effect of Drones on Everyday Life

The Effect of Drones on Everyday Life

It wasn’t too long ago that drones took the world by storm. But before we dive into that, let’s clarify some terms first. There are two main types of drones. Those include spaceport drones, used to recover first-stages of space rockets, and UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle), and the latter is the one we commonly know as a drone. While military drones were used as early as 1849, the mass production and mainstream popularity among the general public did not start until about a decade ago. Every other tech-savvy person was reading about them and looking to purchase them to try out all sorts of experiments, and with that, many aspects of our everyday life changed.

Privacy and personal space

One thing about drones has raised controversial debates pretty much everywhere in the world, and it’s the effect they have on privacy, especially that in one’s own home. Every so often stories appear, which are usually about people calling the police or taking some action once they kept repeatedly seeing a drone above their house. And it indeed raises a question of what the ethical ways to use drones are and shows that there is a sort of grey area as to what consequences should people, who use drones to spy on others and violate their privacy, face.

Safety and security

On a different note, drones are amazing tools for ensuring our public spaces are safe and secure. CCTV cameras for surveillance purposes are a lot more common than many of us might think or notice, but they are stationary and thus account only for a very specific field of vision. Drones, on the other hand, with their mobility and highly advanced technological build-up can be programmed to always be on top of everything and ensure no corner of a street goes unnoticed.


On a slightly different note, photography as an art form gained an incredible advantage with drones becoming easily accessible. Ever since drones with build-in or attachable cameras appeared, landscape photographers acquired completely new possibilities and photography admirers got offered images of completely different level. Previously, only a helicopter ride would allow a person to document impressive landscapes from above, but that presented challenges such as how low you can go, whether the cost of the ride will pay off and of course the safety of those on board. With drones, all of that gets eliminated from the equation and plus a lot more opportunities open up as the photographer also is the one to decide where the drone travels.


This sphere of life is seeing an increased usage of drones. In an age where shopping is done online most of the time and people like the idea of not having to leave their house or interact with a courier, drones are an amazing solution. They cannot carry have packages though, so the type of items that can be delivered this way is pretty limited. Nevertheless it’s been useful for many companies and customers.