The Best Places to Fly Your Radio Control Plane

If you do not have any experience with flying planes, then you should first get to know them in detail. To make a flight successful, you have to master a few things that may be the most difficult to manage. To overcome any problems, it is recommended that you install one of the flight simulators, such as Real Flight 5, on your computer. After a couple hours of flying, you will have the basic knowledge and will be able to successfully fly your RC model. Here are a few places to fly your RC plane.


It would be great if you could find some radio-controlled flying club in your neighbourhood or anywhere you can easily get access. If you do not know any specific places, you can always visit online club directories or some relevant forums and check out the most convenient locations at your nearby. Once you find decent clubs do not hesitate to join the one you think would be the best match for your RC plane. If you have a model which is difficult to handle, other people may give you useful tips that will help you avoid and overcome potential problems. Pay attention to the radio interference as it could cause potential conflicts. Many plane model fans are likely to be using 2.4 GHz system, but there is still a chance that some of them may fly a plane with a traditional radio, and that is why you need to be careful not to interrupt other people as well as not to get interrupted.

Private land

Another option for flying your plane is private open land. The best bet would be if you have your own one for a maximum comfort. However, being lucky to get access to a friend’s private open land is also okay. In this case, you can enjoy flying your RC plane as much as you want or for the period the owner gave you permission. If you are not able to afford a quality terrain, then you should not be afraid to find someone from whom you could rent a piece of land for a certain period of time. A private land is much better than public areas because you have a total freedom to do whatever you like without having to worry of being bothered by other members.

Public area

It is the last option which does not offer as much comfort as the first two options. However, you can choose from a variety of locations including sports field, beach, park, open hillside. Just make sure the selected area matches the type of your plane. A safety is one of the most important factors in every public area, so pay attention not to disturb anyone. Before flying your RC airplane in any public area, you should first learn how to adjust your behaviour according to common sense, and avoid being irresponsible.

Keep in mind that some people hate RC planes and will not hesitate to call the cops and get you out of there.