How Many Types of RC Planes Are There?

In the fascinating world of modelism, and specifically aeromodelism, there comes a time when you want to stop watching others have fun, and you want to become part of it, so, where to start? Worry not, you’ll find all the answers here.

Talking about model airplanes, there are those of free flight that are the ones that have the ability to fly without being controlled, then there are those with a control line which usually fly in circles and you can control the wings in terms of elevation, and finally there are the RC planes. which are controlled through a remote control and can be maneuvered permanently.

What are RC airplanes?

This type of model has a receiver that receives the signal from the transmitter (your remote). The user can maneuver a number of model parts of the aircraft through the transmitter, but such features depend entirely on the way in which the aircraft is assembled and also depends on the user’s experience.

The RC planes flights grew mainly as a hobby. But now it has been greatly improved with the advancement of technology and the improvement of cost, performance, weight, motor skills, batteries and other electronic devices. Now more than a hobby it has become something that many people do, so there is a wide variety of RC planes available in the market at a reasonable price.

What Types Are There?

So we’ll start off the list with the ‘Ready to fly‘: These are the traditional basic models to play with them, they come ready, just charge up its batteries and BOOM! Fly baby, fly. While advancing on skills and ways, the ‘Almost ready to fly’ are models that you have to assemble some pieces before you can use them, so there are spare parts and pieces that you can put your style.

If you’re a tech-loving person, the Bind-N-Fly are just right for you. These are similar to the first ones, but without a transmitter, so if you buy one of these you will have to design a transmitter compatible with the aircraft model you have purchased.

If you like a higher challenge and have some wood-modeling skills, you can find the ‘Wood-kits’ to be your thing.  These kits come with the raw materials needed for the assembly of the aircraft, along with a construction manual. These kits are especially suitable for users experienced in this field.

And last but not last, for those pro pilots, there are the ones called ‘From scratch’ and as the name suggests, users will have to build their aircraft models from scratch with the help of a plan provided by this type of kits, quite the challenge.

The world’s fastest remote-control plane

It reaches 721 kilometers per hour! It is equipped with a Behotec 180 jet turbine engine, powered by kerosene, which is what gives it that power and speed, in addition to its innovative design, ready to cut the air and be faster than the wind. Only the sound of the engine when it makes the pass will blow your senses.