Easy Model Planes to Assemble Yourself

Model planes are a common sight today more so with the soaring demand building of large-scale planes. The construction and handling of large-scale models are more straightforward and allows the addition of other parts to get them running.The Ready To Fly and Almost Ready To Fly planes were hugely popular but as time passed by people began opting for the more traditional aeromodelling methods which have seen an increase in demand due to people wanting to get the thrill of building the model plane as a hobby.

Below are examples of model planes you can create on your own.

1. The Wright Brothers Flyer 1903

The Wright Brothers Flyer 1903

The Wright Brothers Flyer 1903 is a 1:20 scale model of the original plane by the Wright brothers. It’s perhaps the best commemoration of when humans conquered gravity. The Wright Flyer Model made by Model Airways comes as a comprehensive kit that gives the user the opportunity to create a seemingly real aircraft. The model plane package contains laser-cut basswood parts for the ribs alongside additional wooden components, the Britannia metallic constituents needed to build the engine, radiator, magneto and complete cylinders. Also, the kit comprises of a brass chain and over 160 photo-engraved fragments meant to act as fittings and braces to mimic steps the Wright Brothers’ took during construction.

Additionally, you get three detailed plan sheets of real size along a 28-page manual. The model plane’s scale stands at 1:16 with the models having a wingspan of 30 feet.

2. Curtis JN-4DJenny

Curtis JN-4DJenny

Model Airways model of the Curtis JN-4D Jenny has a scale of 1:16 and replicates the actual plane. The kit contains over 300 laser-cut basswood and birch fragments used in the construction of the ribs, fuselage and additional wooden components. The assembly process of the Curtiss OX-5 with water-cooled engine entails the assembling of over 100 finely cast Britannia metal components, cylinders, crankcase, distributors and spark plugs.

The Curtis JN-4D Jenny model plane kit comes with an additional 600 or so detailed photo-engraved parts for its copper turnbuckles, fuselage fittings, the aluminum cowl and seats and the wings. Other additions include six exhaustive actual size plan sheets to give guide you in assembling the model plane.

3. Curtis p-40C Tomahawk Plane Model Kit

Curtis p-40C Tomahawk Plane Model Kit

Deriving its uniqueness from its distinct “shark nose” graphics, the P40 is a favorite among model plane aficionados. The actual aircraft was used by the Chinese in the war against Japan. The p-40C’s exterior is etched entirely with panel lines along a well-defined cockpit interior. The p-40’s super engine exudes a great deal of realism when you operate it with each wing comprising of hidden and forward-facing machine guns. Moreover, its landing gear replicates that of the actual aircraft.

Upon purchase, the user gets a complete pictorial guideline to guarantee proper assemblage. The model kit’s scale stands at 1:48 of the real plan; and comes with a length of 19cm, while its width and height stand at 23.5cm and 6.3cm respectively.