Best Places to Buy a Model Plane

There are several places that you can find trusted suppliers of model planes near you and for your convenience. This article seeks to advise some of the best places to see model planes for sale and also to advise on the best way to go about the purchase. This guide will be of immense help to beginners with little to no experience on how to source for verified and trusted suppliers or places where they can go to source for their products. Model planes can be so much fun, whether you sue them for fun or are a collector and have them on display you will no doubt find this guide a useful resource when it comes to the best places to buy a model airplane.

Model Shows

Perhaps among the best places to acquire a model plane is the model shows. Model shows take place regularly at different times around the world. Here, you can view a collection of models on display and connect with their supplier to learn more about the specifications of individual models and whether they fit within your preferences. Model shows have a wide array of planes on display; varying in size, make and other aspects. Wondering where you can find a show? The models’ shows are often organized by the International Plastic Modelers’ Society (IPMS) the body that represents the modellers or their local extension. Information on the shows can be viewed on their web page.


The Internet is also a great place to forage for a model plane. Online markets are littered with just about anything, and it’s unlikely you’d come up empty-handed. Sites, such as hobby clinic and the airplane shop specialize in model planes, and we recommend you check them out. Even though the internet is a great shopping place, it has its drawbacks, one being the absence of adequate information for the products on sale. At times looking for information can prove to be cumbersome. Another flaw is that it may take a significant amount of time between placing your order and receiving the order. Delays do at times occur and may leave you frustrated.

There are some instances where your order never makes it way to you, consequently leading to the loss of money. The other drawback of purchasing your model plane via the internet is shipping costs which might at times lead to additional and unforeseen charges especially where importation is involved.

Your Local Store

Your local store is a great place to check on model planes. It’s no surprise that the local store may prove to be the best place to source for a model plane due to the face-to-face interaction with its supplier. This rapport may grant you the opportunity to air your needs to the supplier accurately and perhaps you even inquire about the possibility of customizations for your model plane. Problems may arise where your neighbourhood has a low number of stores. We recommend checking local stores when looking for a model plane for beginners.