How to Build A Radio-Controlled Plane – Part 1

Second only to the thrill of flying a radio-controlled plane for the first time, there’s nothing like the feel of building one from scratch yourself. So how do you go about it? Keep reading for the first part in the series instructing you how to build your first RC plane. Choosing materials and type of […]

How to Get Started Flying Radio Controlled Airplanes

If you’ve got an interest in flying radio-controlled airplanes, you’re in luck. You don’t need any special skills to get started. Your hand to eye coordination is going to be your most important quality. Here’s how to get started on this fun hobby. Find an airfield You are going to need help to get your […]

Other Fun radio Controlled Toys

Radio controlled toys are a past-time favorite for many since their invention in the 1970s. Technological advancements have resulted in radio control technology being used in boats, trucks, helicopters, vehicles and even fascinating transformer technology. Radio controlled gadgets – common among both kids and adults – are available for all user skill levels. These gadgets […]

Easy Model Planes to Assemble Yourself

Model planes are a common sight today more so with the soaring demand building of large-scale planes. The construction and handling of large-scale models are more straightforward and allows the addition of other parts to get them running.The Ready To Fly and Almost Ready To Fly planes were hugely popular but as time passed by […]

A History of Model or Radio Control Planes

Radio control models make use of a transmitter to fly them and come in various kinds including ready to operate right after unpacking and almost ready to fly. The fascination of flying dates back to 1000 B.C when the Chinese tried to make kites that had no strings attached them. Leonardo da Vinci in around […]

Best Model Airplanes for Kids

Airplanes are one of the most amazing creations of man. There couldn’t have been more other best thing created by humans than these airplanes. Their constructions, shape, coupled with the speed make it an amazing material. As big as the airplanes are, they may not be easily accessible to all people, due to the fact […]

Model Cars and Slot Cars

Car models come in the form of plastic model kits and also die cast model kits. The cars that are made from die cast are mainly produced from tin and zinc and are seen more as toys. The plastic model kits are more of a collector’s item as they need to be assembled together, whereas […]

How Solitary Hobbies Can Be Beneficial

In an increasingly busy and hectic world, it can sometimes feel difficult to carve out a little time for yourself. With growing demands on our attention from work, family and socialising, it’s easy for personal hobbies to be pushed to the back burner and forgotten about. However, increasingly evidence shows that participating in a solitary […]

Ship and Boat Models

There is no image that represents model making more than a picture of a father and son attempting to piece together an 18th century sailing ship. The beauty of these vast ocean crossing vessels, has captured the imagination of many for so long. Whether it be the attraction of crossing the sea of just the […]

Best Places to Buy a Model Plane

There are several places that you can find trusted suppliers of model planes near you and for your convenience. This article seeks to advise some of the best places to see model planes for sale and also to advise on the best way to go about the purchase. This guide will be of immense help […]