A Brief History Of Drones

Drones are one of the most useful and versatile inventions of the last couple of decades, you can see kids playing with them, filmmakers using them as a key part of their work, and even military using them for warfare. However, this interesting invention didn’t come out of the blue, as it took years of slow, but steady work to finally come together with the outstanding product we can find in stores nowadays.

Even if you don’t believe it, drones go way back. It took over a century of work before becoming a reality, and today, we’ll walk you through the brief history of this completely revolutionary invention:

1907 – The first steps

Over a century ago, the Breguet brothers Jacques and Louis invented the world’s first Quadcopter, an invention later perfectioned by the remarkable Nobel Prize winner Professor Charles Richet.

Even though it was clearly exciting, technology had vast limitations back in the day. They needed at least 4 people to help it stay stable, and could barely get off the ground during its first test drive.

1917 – Remote Control

Just 16 years after the brother Wright’s pioneer Kitty Hawk, the world knew the revolutionary Ruston Proctor Aerial Target, the first plane that didn’t need a pilot to leave the ground and take off. The Aerial Target was radio-controlled and was based in Nikola Tesla’s RC technology. It was supposed to act as a flying bomb, but it was never used in a combat environment despite successful testing.

1943 – Fritz X

The FX-1400, later known as the Fritz X was originally created by the German with the purpose of using it during WWII and was the world’s first remotely-controlled weapon that was actually used in combat. The Fritz X carried a 2.300-pound bomb used to sink enemy ships, and was a pioneering military invention, as it was the predecessor to the anti-ship missiles and other high-precision weapons we can find nowadays.

1943 – Fritz X

The ‘60s – RC Airplanes

The ‘60s brought a lot of technologic updates for the transistors industry, paving the way for the revolutionary RC cars and toys available at a fair price for young kids and all kinds of enthusiasts.RC planes came next and gained a lot of ground in the US. They had it all, from modeling for indoor flights, all the way to some incredible machines meant to fly freely across the big blue sky.All of these remarkable technological milestones paved the way for the drone industry to take off, but it wasn’t until the infamous 9-11 terrorist attack that the US Military took drones seriously and started developing them for warfare purposes. That being said, the CIA started developing these little guys up to the point that they were eventually used as a key element of the Osama Bin Laden search before being massively sold in stores.

Now, everybody can get a glimpse of what this revolutionary invention is capable of accomplishing, but there are still a lot of people that put a lot of question marks regarding the ethics of drone strikes.