Which Drone Is the Best for Beginners?

Which Drone Is the Best for Beginners?

Not everyone understands the technology of drone and how to use it, but many would like to try such a device. Unfortunately, the professional or semi-professional drones are expensive and can be easily broken if you have no experience. However, there are very good drones that cost around €50 and they are suitable for beginners. […]

The Effect of Drones on Everyday Life

The Effect of Drones on Everyday Life

It wasn’t too long ago that drones took the world by storm. But before we dive into that, let’s clarify some terms first. There are two main types of drones. Those include spaceport drones, used to recover first-stages of space rockets, and UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle), and the latter is the one we commonly know […]

The Top Features All RC Airplanes Must Have

If you’re reading this, you are, no doubt, someone that’s about to enter the fascinating world of RC airplanes. An amazing interest that few can enjoy without falling completely in love with the excitement and entertainment that comes with it. Buckle up! So, if you’re looking to buy your first ever RC airplane, you have […]

What’s an Aerobatic Airplane?

Even though drones are becoming more popular by the day, aerobatic airplanes are still one of the most popular toys in the entertainment industry, and these aren’t likely to go away any time soon thanks to the hours of fun they can offer people from all ages. These planes have a lot of interesting features […]

A Brief History Of Drones

Drones are one of the most useful and versatile inventions of the last couple of decades, you can see kids playing with them, filmmakers using them as a key part of their work, and even military using them for warfare. However, this interesting invention didn’t come out of the blue, as it took years of […]

4 RC Airplanes Every Enthusiast Needs

If you’ve always dreamed of taking off and flying far away, but you were never able to make it to pilot school, or you just can’t afford to buy a plane ticket every time you feel the need to do so, perhaps RC airplanes are just the perfect thing for you.

How RC Models Work?

The systems for operating an RC model basically consists of a radio transmitter, a receiver, and servos. The transmitter usually has a box made of plastic and some metal, with the levers and buttons, and is powered by batteries. It can be said that the servos are the mechanical arms that execute the movements that […]

How Many Types of RC Planes Are There?

In the fascinating world of modelism, and specifically aeromodelism, there comes a time when you want to stop watching others have fun, and you want to become part of it, so, where to start? Worry not, you’ll find all the answers here. Talking about model airplanes, there are those of free flight that are the […]

Common RC Plane Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

The best RC hobbyists have one thing in common. Their extreme attention to detail with their planes. They may still have had a crash, but they minimize the chances by following directions and best practices for the hobby. Many people waste money by not taking on board advice and slipping up on the small details. […]

How to Build A Radio-Controlled Plane – Part 2

In part one of this series, how to get started building a radio-controlled plane was covered. Now you know how to choose a plane model and attach the electricals, it’s time to get started on the next stage. Remember, you can always use another pilot’s eye to look over your craft. This avoids any pitfalls […]